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I dont distribute crcked clients/cheats of games and don't support it in any way!
* Cheats/hacks, scripts available for educational purposes and to play on private servers.

* All cheats/hacks, scripts were created with and for singleplayer. ohacks.com isn't responsible for any abuse online or you getting banned. Made for fun and have fun with friends.

* Portal ohacks.com in no event be liable for damage caused by the use of additives (cheats) for the game appearing on this website. Please use the files at your own risk,

* ohacks.com not be held responsible if any of the files shared on this site is used for any illegal activities.

* I guarantee that the available cheats don't have viruses. If antivirus detects something, please ignore it, because cheats are programmed in such a way that many antivirus can detect it as a virus. Sometimes anti-viruses detect trojans in files but the files are clean (you will need to disable AV to play).

* All files on this website are free. Almost all files are FREEWARE. If not, for example the GNU / GPL everything is written in the download.

* If you believe that any of the files posted on this website should be removed, and you have evidence that you are the author – write to me. I delete the file, if needed.

Contact: ohackscom[x]gmail.com (where [x] is @)